Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice Conditions: Moonlight and Snowline (Dec 17)

Climbed Moonlight and Snowline today (Dec 17) in Evan-Thomas Creek in Kananaskis Country. It was a mild day with the temperature hovering around zero making for pleasant ice conditions. The bottom 10 meters of both routes are thin (10cm screws can protect it) but they quickly thicken up to accept 13cm screws and even 16cm screws by the 20m height. Both have seen much traffic already thus nicely track-set with good hooks and steps. The upper sections both offer wet plastic blue ice.

2 Low 4 Zero is in its usual thin shape but it looks to have been climbed recently (bring lots of stubby screws and maybe even a few pins). Chantilly Falls looks blue and wet; however, the last step hasn't fully filled out yet and looks a little bit too pillar-like to be called WI2.

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