Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ice Conditions: Anorexia Nervosa (Nov 21)

Guided Anorexia Nervosa on Wednesday, Nov 21. A fresh skiff of snow (3cm) made the talus / scree valley approach stumbly. The climb itself is fat thus NOT living up to its namesake. The first pitch has lots of good hooks and takes 16cm screws. We broke the final tier into 2 pitches so as not to bomb the belay with ice. The final pillar also offered perfectly spaced hooks. Cold day with a temp of -9 at 1pm. All 3 of us enjoyed the full experience of "screaming barfies" in various appendages. My feet suffered through them 3 times.

Weathering Heights is also fat but is wet so not a good for cold days unless you like cables for ropes.

Malignant Mushrooms is not in nor is Aquarius.

Wicked Wanda looks big from the parking lot.

Nice clear-cuts near the Big Hill. Feels strange that driving across a creek is bad but de-forestation is perfectly fine.

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