Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ice Conditions: Haffner Creek (Nov 24)

Haffner is super lean on ice for this time of the year. We had an ACC group in there yesterday (Nov 24) and could only set ropes up on 2 ice routes. The right-side ice of the main wall is a narrow hooked-out pillar while the left-side ice in the alcove is very wet and chandeliered. Mixed climbing is good but expect less ice on them than usual. Half n'Half has a very thin sheet. Shagadelic has nothing. Half a Gronk is good but bring a 10cm screw for the top. Swank has no ice but can be easily climbed without.

The anchor situation has changed this year since parks cut down all the burnt trees along the rim. There are various new bolt anchors from the past few seasons that you can use or try to make V-thread anchors in the ice near the lip of the routes.

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